Liselle Yorke

I am a Toronto based artist. Through poetry, woodworking and ceramic art I express a desire to rid myself of assumptions and dig into people, myself and society. I create with an untethered curiosity that does not seek neat conclusions but instead intentionally creates windows that display a community who celebrates, protects, and respects all life and individuality.






My artwork starts with a need for good conversation, in the end each piece expresses a desire to connect and create community.

My roots are Canadian and Trinidadian, so I am drawn to nature and rely heavily on natural materials to shape my work.

I derive the most satisfaction creating in an environment where all ideas are possible; this has allowed me to build a diverse body of work. When an idea evolves into a project, only then is it met with the scrutiny of feasibility.

Focusing on quality and detail at the beginning of a project establishes a sound foundation, which once in place allows me to fully go off the deep end. Exploring and expressing my truly whimsical nature, desire to suspend the mundane, and to mimic and highlight naturally occurring beauty.




“From a young age one thing was very clear, what you perceive in life as normal, is only normal to you because of where you were raised. 

I was born in Canada, shortly after my family moved back to Trinidad and Tobago were I was raised; at age 10 we moved back to Canada permanently. Then when I was eighteen I moved to the U.K. for a year.

I learned there is no single right way to structure life. These experiences instilled in me the confidence to shape my life not solely on societal norms but on what I know works best for me. It taught me to respect, protect, and celebrate my individuality and the individuality of others.”