Floating pastel cubes invite you to step underneath and discover new worlds of art.

The vision for Worlds within Worlds is to create a personal experience with artwork that reflects the world from the point of view of an artist. Visual Art is often received groups in a public setting where opinions are broadcasted. Though sharing art is always encouraged, what is being valued here is the feeling of diving into a new books first chapter, or a first listen to a freshly pressed LP.


I envision this installation at a music festival, local community street festival or as an individual box fitted with a bulb to light a reading nook.

Ideas explored in Worlds within Worlds

The way visual art is consumed
The world from the point of view of an artist
This solitary experience gives the art an opportunity to have an impression on you.  It also gives you the space to explore the work and to establish how you feel about it. The installation also plays with your senses. Whatever the surrounding atmosphere of the installation, once you step into the cube what you see and feel will be in contrast with what you hear and your minds awareness of where you are.

The second aspect explored is the perspective of an artist. Each person sees the world differently. Most of us are so entrenched in our own lives that we forget how wildly different others perceive the same things. Artists are gifted with the ability to manifest their perspective through their art. Through sharing art, the viewer’s perspective is broadened.

The artists contributing to Worlds within Worlds are attempting to show you our world through their eyes. The goal with this installation is to do more than just reaffirm known perspectives, it should provide a window into a completely new point of view.

Process & Materials