Look deep into the eyes of what Take Me In has to offer. Pairs of suspend embroidery looped eyes holding the image of remarkable local landscapes.

You are not looking at a photograph, you are looking into the eyes of someone who has seen and experienced these landscapes. And the image is not stagnant, as it is transposed onto plexiglass, light allows the colour and warmth to wash over the viewer and engulf them in the piece.

Take Me In should sever as a stepping stone as these images are of local landscapes the viewer is strongly encouraged to go see these landscapes and in doing so they themselves become the installation.


IĀ envision thisĀ installation at a music festival, in an art walk in the woods or in a store’s front window.

Ideas explored in Take Me In

  • Consumption

The decision to present the landscape as it would be seen reflected on the human eye, came about by manipulating how the viewer is allowed to consume the piece. This method of consumption changes how the viewer feels about what they are seeing, as it does not allow the feeling of ownership of the landscape depicted. Instead by making the viewer look into eyes they are not so much seeing a landscape so much as they are seeing what someone else have seen. They are thus encouraged to seek out these places themselves to make the image and experience and memory their own.

Process & Materials