City neighborhoods often go unnoticed as commuters funnel through; the essence of Skin and Bones is to highlight the inner beauty of a city neighborhood. The installation features two sets of photographs; the first taken from the perspective of a tourist, the second set of photographs capture the city from the perspective of its inhabitants.

Along the outer walls of the installation are the first set of photos representing the skin of the city, along the inside of the installation are the second set of photos, they represent the city’s bones.


I envision this installation in every city as a guide for locals and tourist. Skin & Bones can reveal new spots and old beloved spots in the city. It can evolve with the city, thus always encouraging its viewer to explore the city.

Ideas explored in Skin & Bones

  • Perspective & Complacency
  • Functionality of Structure

Over time perspectives change, things that were once cherished become mundane. This happens with the places and people we love. It is never all at once but slowly over time. Imagine visiting a different city for the first time, you are awestruck while the cities’ inhabitants rush around. You wonder how they are missing such obvious beauty. Yet once you return to your own wonderful city you too return to the rush of daily life.

Imagine seeing a loved one or close friend with someone new. This new person is intrigued by every tale, and laughs to the point of tears to jokes you’ve heard a dozen times. They seem to notice all the little unique details you’ve let quietly fade out of focus.

Keeping complacency to a minimum means actively pausing, planning and then taking the time to be appreciative of the people who make up your life and also the place you’ve chosen to plant your life. Skin & Bones seeks to bring both the well known and hidden beauty of a city into focus.

The structure of the installation is designed to mimic the confines of a city. As many people may visit a city or community to it each day for work, few get to call it home. Many people can stand around the outside of the installation to view the photographs of the city from the perspective of a tourist. However, a limited amount of people can fit inside the installation to view the photographs from the perspective of a city insider.

Process & Materials