The essence of Gallery Wall is a walk through a decadent hallway where the walls are lined with large gaudy frames that engulf every inch of free space. Instead of featuring old equestrian works, the frames will feature modern works of art that offset the eccentric frame.

The artwork is dense and looms over the viewer. At first, this may overwhelm, but what this density offers are hidden gems; a work that one viewer sees and cherishes that may have gone unnoticed amongst the crowd.


I envision this installation at a local community street festival in the summer.

Ideas explored in Gallery Wall

  • Complementary & Contrasting styles
  • Finding hidden gems

The choice of decadent frames is meant to both contrast and complement the 21st century lifestyle. Consider the variety of opportunities available to each individual to-day. Our lives can quickly become packed. Due to the density of our lifestyles the draw to minimalism is understandable. Through a minimalist perspective the decadent frames are excessive in their beauty. Clean white lines that are visually easy for the eyes to consume become desirable. Here the decadent detail of the frames represent the 21st century lifestyle bleeding out of the canvas into the frame design. Instead of judging the 21st century for its overall lack of stability, the frames celebrate and recognize the necessity for change and fluidity. The installation appreciates that each decedent frame is filled with lives and stories only made possible by the 21st century’s dedication to entertaining new ideas and forging new opportunities.

To accomplish the idea of finding hidden gems depends completely on our ability to provide an overwhelming amount of works. Once achieved, the intended effect is that the installation will be too plentiful to be consumed as a whole. You will thus take it in in parts and be drawn to what best captures your senses. In conversation you may find that what stood out most to you was missed by others thus giving you opportunity to express what you like most. The overabundance also ensures that each time you view the installation, you find a work you hadn’t noticed before. neutral

Process & Materials